Claims Made

My makeup was not insured
Probably for the best
Why replace something not needed
When more precious items
A car
A hand
A trust
Surely with a carrier’s eye
And bankroll
Look, this woman pales at her loss
But the face is still hers

The makeup bag was not insured. And why should it be. It is not something that we are born with. In fact, its only job is to house the items that cover up what is given to you at birth.

Yet, they insure hands, legs and breasts of models that they presume to be so perfect that they need the coverage. Ha! The coverage. Do you see what I did there? Do you see how it’s all been turned around to make you ashamed of what you already have? Are you worth the premium? Damn. They did it again. Are you premium?

My love calls my hair majestic in all its natural wildness. No need to tame, to fuss, to fill out applications for its protection or maintenance. I read somewhere that curly haired people have oval follicles compared to round ones for straight hair. Should I check with my carrier just in case about the hair I carry with me? The coverage price would be too dear, and yet, not needed. My hair is starfish in nature. It can repair and regrow with strands reaching out in all directions, or more. But I can picture the sorrow in his voice if I were to lose it by accident or on purpose. To him it is priceless in its preexisting condition.

These features on my face – my mole, my nose, the little scar over my lip that has no history. They are uninsurable gem to someone. A man that loves it as it ages, and a newborn that saw it the first time he opened his eyes. No collateral source could cover that. They did it again. Collateral. Those bastards.

Don’t believe their word choices. Believe yours.


He said
You are very optimistic about rainbows
It’s true
I am also optimistic that at least one brand of
Paper towels will be on sale at the supermarket
To mop up the deluge of all the things I am not